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Lashes Under Construction

You've heard plenty about skin care, but have you thought about your lash care routine? Our lashes take a toll between makeup removal, environmental damage, falsies & extensions. But Grande's got the tools of the trade for your longest, thickest, most dense-looking lashes ever.

5 Must-Haves For A Lash Overhaul

Step 1:  

GrandeLASH-MD: Lengthen & Thicken

Lay the foundation for your lash care routine with the holy grail of lash products: GrandeLASH-MD lash enhancing serum! This cult favorite gives you longer, thicker looking lashes over time when used daily.

Step 2:

GrandeREPAIR: Strengthen & Anchor Lashes

Did you know you lose 1-2 lashes daily? That's why we created you lash fixer-upper: GrandeREPAIR leave-in lash conditioner. This clear coat will strengthen the look of lashes and help reduce lash fallout.

Step 3:

GrandePRIMER: Prep & Prime

Meet your mascara's new best friend. GrandePRIMER coats your lashes to prepare them for mascara application and boosts its effects — so you get double the length and volume versus mascara alone.

Step 4:

GrandeMASCARA: Lengthen & Volumize Instantly

It's time to level up your lashes with a mascara that conditions while you coat! Unlike other formulas, GrandeMASCARA is infused with conditioning peptides to promote healthier looking lashes, so you can load up on volume, length and intensity in an instant.

Step 5:

GrandeLASH-LIFT: Lift & Curl

Lashes falling flat? We've got a fix for that: introducing a do-it-yourself rechargeable heated lash curler that gently and safely lifts lashes up high and holds them there. Plus, GrandeLASH-LIFT curls lashes without crimping, pinching, or chemicals.