GrandeLASH-MD is Extensively Tested for Safety

As a trusted leader in beauty, we are committed to upholding the highest safety, quality & performance standards for our products.

Along with the entire collection, GrandeLASH-MD has been extensively tested by world-class, third-party research facilities.

We've also gone above and beyond industry standards by performing a full toxicological risk assessment on GrandeLASH-MD, which concluded that it is safe for its intended use & does not present a risk for iris color change or periorbital fat loss.

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Individual reports* can be viewed below:

*Please note, the redactions found within these reports are unrelated to execution or results of the studies, and are simply to conceal certain personal & proprietary information.

1. Toxicological Risk Assessment

2. In-Use Eye Assessment

3. RIPT #1

4. RIPT #2

5. RIPT #3

6. HET-CAM #1

7. HET-CAM #2

8. HET-CAM #3

9. In-Use Home Study #1

10. In-Use Home Study #2