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DIY Brow Routine

Tracey's bold, statement brow

Want @tracey_x’s bold brow results? Check out the products she used to achieve her best possible brows.

“After overplucking my brows, I thought I’d never
get them back.”

How to get Tracey’s look:

1) Get the look of extensions with your own natural lashes using GrandeLASH-MD lash enhancing serum 1x daily. See longer looking lashes in 4-6 weeks with full results in 3 months

2) Use GrandePRIMER as a pre-mascara to thickener and lengthener to double mascara’s effect.

3 USe GrandeDRAMA to thicken and volumize lashes for instant intensity

4) Mimic a professional lash-lift with GrandeLASH-LIFT


"No microblading or tinting my brows anymore! I save so much time and money using DIY products.”

Find Your Brow 2-in-1 Shade

Taupe: For ash blonde & grey hair

Light: for light blonde to dark blonde hair

Medium: for light brown to medium brown hair

Dark: for deep brown to black hair

Auburn: for warm red/auburn hair