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6 Reasons to Try Our New GrandeBROW 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel + Brow Enhancing Serum

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GrandeBROW 2-in-1

Have you been on the hunt for a brow tint that literally does it all?! Your search can stop here because after over 2 years in production, we have finally formulated an all-in-one brow gel packed with brow-boosting ingredients for instant and long term benefits. 

Here’s 6 reasons you need to try it 👀 


1) It’s the only brow product you’ll ever need to use! 

GrandeBROW 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel + Brow Enhancing Serum is a one stop shop for all your brow needs. You can replace your monthly brow tints and your everyday brow pencil and gel with GrandeBROW 2-in-1. In fact, in our consumer perception study 87% felt it was the only tinted brow gel they needed* 👀 

If you hate having to use multiple products to get the results you desire, this is the product for you- it’s makeup and brow enhancer all in one! We’ll get into all of its amazing benefits in just a bit, but just know that GrandeBROW 2-in-1 has it ALL. 

GrandeBROW 2-in-1

2) It does things your old brow gel can’t… 

It’s time to break up with your tinted brow gel because our breakthrough brow gel takes the cake for providing additional brow benefits that your other brow products just… don’t. 

GrandeBROW 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel with Brow Enhancing Serum promotes thicker & darker- looking makeup-free brows. Yes, you read that right! GrandeBROW 2-in-1 will promote the appearance of tinted, thicker-looking brows over time so that you can wake up with no makeup and have perfectly arched and defined brows. 

Take a look at these before & afters from our consumer perception study. To note, these results are from real women, looking to enhance the appearance of their brows and each image (yes, even the after) is free of any makeup! 

Before and after

We’re honestly blown away by the results too! 

3) It’s great for everyday 

It’s your que to say…“Thicker and darker looking brows are great, but what about the instant benefits?” Well, we have it covered in that department too!  

GrandeBROW 2-in-1 is infused with mini fibers to create instant high-impact volume & definition. It comes in 4 buildable shades: Light, Medium, Dark and Auburn to perfectly match your hair color. Image that… eyebrow tint at home that’s better than a salon!

It’s smudge-proof and delivers 12-hour wear, so you can enjoy your day with perfectly-in-place-brows. It also features a micro-spooly applicator to get a precise application in one go. 

GrandeBROW 2-in-1

4) We backed it up with studies 

I think I’ve blabbed enough..I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. 


  •  100% felt it adds instant color to brows*
  •  100% felt brows look more defined*
  • 97% felt it shapes & fills in sparse areas*
  •  94% felt it builds brow arches*

 Long-term benefits:

  • 100% saw thicker looking brows*
  • 100% felt eyebrows were more visible*
  • 97% saw darker looking brows*
  • 96% saw bolder looking brows*
  • 93% felt it was the best brow gel ever used*
  • 87% felt it was the only brow product needed*

*Long-term benefits based on a 16-week consumer study with 32 subjects. Instant benefits after Initial use. Results will vary.


5) It’s super easy to use 

Gone are the days of spending an unparalleled amount of time perfecting each and every brow hair. GrandeBROW 2-in-1 is super simple to use and takes a few seconds to get eyebrow coloring as well as brow enhancer with minimal effort.


To use, brush onto your eyebrows in short, upward strokes following the natural shape of your brows to instant fill & shape. Enhance the appearance of your natural, make-up free brows over time with consistent, daily use. 


6) It’s made by us, America’s #1 Lash & Brow Serum Brand** 

We don’t hold our title as America’s #1 Lash & Brow Serum Brand** lightly! That’s why we infused GrandeBROW 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel with our award-winning GrandeBROW technology. 

Backed by this clinically proven formula, GrandeBROW 2-in-1 provides eyebrow coloring, plus thicker-looking brows over time! Here at Grande, we strive to make DIY, salon-inspired beauty products to enhance your natural beauty without the need for bank-busting investments. 

GrandeBROW 2-in-1 is no different! You can finally embrace and enhance your natural brows! The journey to your best brows begins with us 💕 Shop GrandeBROW 2-in-1 today! 


**Source: The NPD Group, Inc./ U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, All Other Face Skincare Brand Sales, Body Part: Eye, Jan 2021-March 2022

# Beauty Trends # Shop
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