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About Feeding America

How is Feeding America responding to coronavirus?

The Feeding America network of food banks continues to provide food to people struggling with hunger across the country. During this critical time, their efforts will include support to those who no longer have access to school meals, expanded distribution of emergency food boxes, and mobilized pantries to minimize large gatherings.


Steps To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe:

Step 1:  

Wash Your Hands & Practice Social Distancing

Frequently wash your hands with soap and water and maintain at least 3 feet distance between yourself and others. These are essential ways to limit the spread, keeping yourself, your household, and your community safe. Reference the World Health Organization for up-to-the-minute guidance.

Step 2:

Prioritize Sleep & Stay Hydrated

Adequate sleep helps keep your body working at its best to defend against illness & staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Add lemon juice to your water, as it acts as a digestive and detoxifying agent and helps clean the liver.

Step 3:

Minimize Stress

Small acts of self-care do the body and mind a world of good. We encourage you to take a break from screen-time and come up with your own ways to decompress. This can be as simple as meditation, a new book, or a warm cup of tea.

Step 4:

Avoid Processed Foods & Limit Sugar Intake

Consuming too much of any of these suppresses the immune system. Instead, choose healthier food options and ensure you get enough Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to help give your body a boost.

Step 5:

Get Moving

Exercising is not only a great way to stay in shape, but it also enhances our immune function. Not sure where to start? Turn to YouTube. There you’ll find amazing workout routines you can practice at home utilizing your own body weight – no equipment necessary.