DIY Brow Lamination Bundle
DIY Brow Lamination Bundle
DIY Brow Lamination Bundle
DIY Brow Lamination Bundle

Grande Cosmetics

DIY Brow Lamination Bundle

This bundle brings the benefits of a salon service brow lamination to the comfort of your own home. Instantly lift, sculpt and set brows with peptide power for conditioned, healthier brows over time. 
In a 2-week study with GrandeBROW-LAMINATE: 

• 100% felt it lifted, sculpted & set brows
• 93% felt it creates a pro-quality lamination look

All Day:
• 93% felt it lasts all day

Over Time:
• 90% felt it conditioned brows

*Based on a 2-week consumer perception study with 32 subjects. Results will vary.

Coat the spoolie brush with a small amount of GrandeBROW-LAMINATE. Wipe off any excess. Close lid tightly to maintain efficacy. Brush styling gel through clean brows for a feathered, laminated look or for a natural, defined look. After use, clean brush with warm water.

To ensure unwanted hair is removed from the root, grasp hair close to the skin using GrandeTWEEZERS, then pull or pluck in the direction of hair growth.

Brush brow hairs upwards to determine which need to be trimmed. Trim each hair with GrandeBROW-SCISSORS until desired brow shape is achieved. 



GrandeBROW-LAMINATE Brow Styling Gel with Peptides


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